Perfect practice makes perfect for budding auctioneers

A group of 14 up and coming auctioneers were sharpening their skills at the Australian Livestock and Property Agents Assocaition (ALPA) auctioneers training school last week.

This year the training schools which are held across NSW throughout the year are celebrating their 21st year.

The competition culminates with finalists competing at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

According to Glenn Fordyce, branch manager at Rodwell’s and member of the NSW Professional Development and Education committee for ALPH, the training school attracts people from all different backgrounds in the industry.

“Many of them are currently employed in the industry as stock and station agents,” he said, “of the people here there are some with one to two years experience and some with none.”

“We encourage them (budding auctioneers) to come to a training school in their first four years of employment,” he added.

“We are here to try and dig out guys starting in the industry and encourage and identify guys who make good auctioneers.”

Mr Fordyce pointed out that many people who attend the school attend more than one as they establishing their career.

In 2011 three participants from the training school in Wagga Wagga went on to be selected as finalists for the Sydney Royal Easter Show with Auctioneers from Elders in Wagga Wagga managing to take out both top prizes.

Joe Wilks (23) took out the top prize while senior auctioneer Nick Fogarty came out with the runner up sash.

Speech Pathologist, Eliza Galvin attends the training schools to teach the auctioneers to use their voice as an instrument.

“As far as voice is concerned, they run a marathon,” she said, “they are professional voice users.”

She teaches the auctioneers breathing techniques, posture and clarity as well as voice projection.

‘They have all got the potential to produce a really good voice,” she said pointing out the most important technique as being posture and breathing.

“The voice follows the body. They have to find the posture that best supports projection and presentation.

“Perfect practice makes perfect.”

The training school included a video performance analysis where participants can review their performance.

As well as this, the auctioneers are educated in the laws, guidelines and responsibilities surrounding auctioneering and animal welfare in the auction system.

“Most of them are busting to sell after the two days,” said Ms Galvin.

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