US slaughterhouse shut down over cruelty video

US federal regulators have shut down a California slaughterhouse after receiving undercover video showing dairy cows, some unable to walk, being repeatedly shocked and shot before being killed.

The US Department of Agriculture, which buys beef for the school lunch program and inspects meat facilities, suspended operations at Central Valley Meat Co in Hanford, California.

The facility slaughters hundreds of cows a day after the cows lose their value as milk producers.

The USDA says it launched an investigation after receiving hours of videotape from animal welfare group called Compassion Over Killing.

The group says an undercover investigator was employed by the slaughterhouse and shot the video during two weeks in July.

Central Valley Meat Co said in a statement that it would have no immediate comment on the video because it had not seen the footage.


The story US slaughterhouse shut down over cruelty video first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.

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